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April, National Home Inspection Month…Spring Issues

April is National Home Inspection Month

April showers bring May flowers….or flooded crawl spaces and basements! Seasonal water damage isn’t as obvious as you may think. It doesn’t take a severe flood to do water damage to your home just increased saturation. April is the perfect time for a spring maintenance inspection. Spring’s rainy season can cause excessive household moisture exposure. One of the hazards of excessive moisture in a home is the growth of mold.

Follow these tips to keep the water out of your home.

  • Clear gutters and downspouts of debris ensuring that water will be pulled from the roof and your home.
  • Look for damaged shingles, a warped window pane or cracked foundation mortar – spots where moisture could seep into your home.
  • Drainage and slopes away from the home’s foundation.

These tips are intended to be a first line of defense against the development of mold in your home. Following these steps – and reducing the amount of indoor moisture and humidity in your home – will help safeguard against the threat of mold. 

Identify potential maintenance issues now before they become major repairs, but more importantly, family health issues. Call Premier Home Inspection today to test your home for Spring Moisture.   615-481-7293 or


Aging In Place Inspections

There is a saying “You get better with age.”  Does this apply to your home, a parent’s home or a grandparent’s home.  We tend to take care of all our daily needs but overlook the home. Our home should be a place where we can be safe from accidents and injuries. Statistics show that nearly one million people over age of 65 are treated in the hospital emergency rooms from accidents that have occurred in the home. You can make your home a safer more comfortable place to live.

Premier Home Inspection, LLC can provide a professional assessment of the condition of your home. We help you find any problem areas and potential hazardous concerns.  Taking some simple steps to correct these findings  may prevent an accident or injury.  Our inspectors may recommend corrections to adapt the home to improve accessibility, maneuverability and safety for occupants with special needs.

Changing Needs!

“Be Advised, Not Surprised”…Call us today! 615-481-7293


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