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Summer Has Arrived

Summer brings lots of family fun, but two areas that are a big part of Summer are the Heat and Vacations! Premier Home Inspection would like to provide you with some tips for your home during the Summer months.


The heat has arrived!  Half of the energy used in homes goes toward heating and cooling. Air conditioning systems are especially overworked this time of year, so it is important to check them on a regular basis to make sure they are in good condition and are functioning in an energy efficient way.

A central air conditioning system must be periodically inspected and maintained in order to function properly. While an annual inspection performed by a trained HVAC professional is recommended, homeowners can do a lot of the work themselves. So it is good idea for homeowners to keep an eye on their properties while also keeping some unique and helpful hot weather maintenance tips in mind. Here are a few items to put on the home maintenance checklist for the especially hot and humid time of year:

Clean the Exterior Condenser Unit and Components

The exterior condenser unit is the large box located on the side of the building that is designed to push heat from the inside of the building to the outdoors. Inside of the box are coils of pipe that are surrounded by thousands of thin metal “fins” that allow the coils more surface area to exchange heat — after turning off power to the unit!

Inspect the Condensate Drain Line

Condensate drain lines collect condensed water and drain it away from the unit.  They are located on the side of the inside fan unit. Sometimes there are two drain lines—a primary drain line that’s built into the unit, and a secondary drain line that can drain if the first line becomes blocked. Homeowners can inspect the drain line , which take very little time and require no specialized tools.

Clean the Air Filter

Air filters remove pollen, dust and other particles that would otherwise circulate indoors.  A dirty air filter will not only degrade indoor air quality, but it will also strain the motor to work harder to move air through it, increasing energy costs and reducing energy efficiency. The filter should be replaced monthly during heavy use during the cooling seasons. You may need to change the filter more often if the air conditioner is in constant use, if building occupants have respiratory problems, if you have pets with fur, or if dusty conditions are present.

 Make sure air vents are not blocked by drapes, carpeting or furniture.

• Anytime the unit makes loud noises or shows signs of rust, have it checked by an HVAC contractor to make sure it is working properly. If the unit is too old replacing it may be the right thing to do because inefficiently working air conditioners create much higher utility bills.

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The car’s loaded, and you are ready to head off on your summer vacation.  Then, you begin to wonder, if you left the coffee pot on.  When you’re trying to get ready for vacation, taking some extra time to thoroughly prepare your house means you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about anything more than a sunburn and family fun.

However, according to the FBI, more burglaries are committed during the vacation months of July and August and during daylight hours.

A check list to prepare your home may include:

  • Contact a trusted friend to check your mail at least every two to three days and put it inside your house.
  • *Suspend your paper delivery for the length of your vacation. A pile of newspapers that have not been picked up off the front lawn is a sign for criminals.
  • Provisions for the cat/ dog/ plants left behind such as adequate water and food.
  • *Have an extra house key made to give to a family member or trusted friend who lives nearby in case of an emergency.
  • Unplug appliances including computer, TV, toaster, microwave and coffee maker while you are gone.  These appliances are still using power when you are away.  This will reduce your bill and avoid any hazards from a possible storm or power surge.
  • Turn your thermostat up as well to reduce energy use while away.
  • Alert your security company of your vacation dates.  Also, be sure and give your approved visitors (caring for your mail and pets) the security code and actions to take incase alarm accidentally goes off.
  • Finally, the walk through to confirm all windows and doors locked, lights off except the ones for security (always leave a light on for security).  Check all appliances and take out the trash. 

Have a safe summer!

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